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navajo rugs artist

Circa 1860 through Today

Len Wood's Indian Territory Gallery maintians a large collection of both antique and contemporary Navajo blankets and rugs from the Early and Late Classic Periods (pre-1875), through the Transitional Period (1875-1900) and the early Regional Rug period (1900-1940) on through modern rugs of the middle and late 20th century adn including some new rugs from today. All time periods and regional styles are represented including Crystal / J B Moore, Teec Nos Pos / Red Mesa, Ganado /Klagatoh, Raised Outlines, Wide Ruins, New Lands /Blue Canyon, fine to tapestry weaves, single and double saddle blankets, yeis and pictorials, Germantwon trade yarn weavings and chiefs blankets from all time periods. The gallery also offer professional cleaning, de-bleeding, stain removal and proifessiona lrestoration and repair servcies on Navajo rugs and buys, consigns, sells and appraises Navajo blankets and rugs as well. Gallery email address is info@indianterritory.com