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03 - Pueblo Pottery 03D -Hopi Pueblo Pottery Works

Large Hopi Jar by Priscilla Namingha Nampeyo (1924-2008); with a very small base with flaring sides. Well balanced; a master work.
Lawrence Namoki "Guardians"
Hopi pottery jar by Fannie Nampeyo
Hopi Pottery by Caroline Talayumptewa from Polacca
Hopi Wedding Jar Pottery by Emma Naha
Hopi Pueblo Pottery, Sylvia Naha (1951-1999) - Hopi-Tewa
Hopi pottery bwith lizzard artist mark
Hopi Pueblo Pottery, Brown Seed pot, Deer Dancer kachina by Carla Claw Nampeyo
Ten Mudheads (Kachina Clowns) around Kiva ceremony, 10x8 by Tony Dallas
Hopi pottery, Elva Nampeyo
Hopi Pueblo Pottery, Cylindrical Jar
Hopi Pueblo Pottery; Rachael Sahmie
Small Hopi Pottery bowl, unsigned, red, black on cream-colored fireclouded slip
Hopi Pot; Tall Cylindrical shape; an uncommonly seen form
Hopi pottery bowl; collected with a very similar bowl which makes a nice set.
Hopi Pottery bowl; Pale Yellow/White Bowl
Hopi Pottery: By Colleen Poleahla, Fire/Coyote. Graceful form, smooth finish, beautiful fire cloud coloring and traditional motifs.
Small Hopi Pottery bowl, black on orange slip
Hopi Polychrome Jar, 4.25" x 5", small interior rim chip otherwise near mint
Hopi pottery bowl
Hopi Pueblo Indian Pottery, Rectangular dish, black on cream slip
10"d x 5" ht "Old Lady" Nampeyo of Hano (attributed by Ed Wade, author of Canvas of Clay: Seven Centuries of Hopi Ceramic Art and other US tribal books) with painting by Annie, c 1920s
8" ht Joy Navasie (Frog Woman) Hopi Pueblo Cylindrical Cream Slip Polychrome Pottery Jar, Mint or near mint condition
Delmar Polacca Pottery Egg 3" by Delmar Polacca Nampeyo
Ellswath Nampeyo Incised Redware Jar with Turquoise Stone
Ellsworth Polacca Nampeyo Small Pottery with Turtle Motif and Turquoise Stone
Fannie Nampeyo (1900-1987) 11 1/2" x 6" High Polish Migration Pattern Jar /w 1/4" spalling hole on neck near rim (easily restorable )
Hopi Cream Slip Polychrome bowl
Hopi Open Polychrome Doughbowl 5 1/2" x 12"
Hopi Polychrome Cylinder by Eva Yellowbird 7"
Hopi Polychrome Pottery with Sikyatki inspired motifs by Darlene Nampeyo , 4" x 3.5", abstract birds motif, 1980
Hopi Pot with Yei Dancers by Ida Sahmie
Hopi Pottery Bowl
Hopi Pottery jar by Fannie Nampeyo
Hopi Pueblo Pottery Jar, by Agnes Nahsonhoya
Hopi Pueblo Pottery, Feather Woman Wedding Jar
Incised Hopi Pottery Jar by Thomas Polacca Nampeyo
Indian Pottery: Beige Rust and Black Bowl
Joy Navasie /Frogwoman Polychrome Cream Slip Seed Jar, 8" d x 3" ht, Mint condition
LAWRENCE NAMOKI Extraordinary example --"I Am The One"-- 6" ht Hopi Pot
Pair of Hopi Pots by Gertrude Adams
PAIR OF Incised Seed Jars: Carla Nampeyo/ Reuel Claw, Hopi
REDUCED! A one of a kind Hopi Pottery Jar by Lawrence Namoki 5" x 5" entitled "Love Hopi" has sterling silver and turquoise
REDUCED! Asteroid Motif Hopi Pottery Jar by Lawrence Namoki -- A Prophecy-- with unusual carved base underneath
Roberta Youvella Silas Hopi-Tewa Ceramic Pot, Mint or Near Mint