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02 - Indian Baskets 02U -Pima - Papago S AZ Works

Antique 14" d. Arizona Pima Indian Tray with Fret Motif, Coiled in Willow and Devilsclaw seedpod
Antique Arizona Pima Indian Tray with Cog Motifs 12" diameter x 2.5" ht.
Antique Arizona Pima Indian winnowing tray, couled in willow and devilclaw seedpod
Antique c1890 Arizona Pima Tray with Coyote Tracks motifs 12.5"d
Basketry bowl
Baskets, pair - Papago turtle basket 4" deep
Beige and Black Basketry Tray: whirlwind motif
Early Pima/Papago Bowl
GROUP of SEVEN (7 !) AZ Papago/Tohono O'Odham Baskets up to 16 3/4"d. Mint condtion
Group of SEVEN (7) Papago/Tohono O'Odham Baskets up to 10.5" d. Mint condtion
Group of SEVEN (7) Papago/Tohono O'Odham Baskets up to 13" d. Mint condtion
Indian Basket: Papago Yucca
Miniature Papago Basket: Men and Women Circle Dance
Mint condition Fine weave Mini Coyote Pictorial Pima Basket 3" d.
Papago Basket - Lizzard
Papago Basket with Handle
Papago Basket- rectangular
Papago Basket: Cog Motif, red yucca root
Papago Basket: Lightning Motif
Papago Basket: Man in the Maze
Papago Basket: Star Outline
Papago Basket: Turtle Motif Bowl
Papago basketry tray with five-petal motif
Papago Basktry try with whirling motif
Papago bowl
Papago Centipede Motif Tray, 5.25" d., yucca root ,devilsclaw
Papago gap stitch basket
Papago Indian Basket
Papago Indian Basket Bowl with Handles
Papago Indian Basket, with broken handle
Papago Oval Basket
Papago tray; large
Papago wall pocket with butterfly motif
Pima / Papago Indian Basket ; Chalice
Pima Basket
Pima basket
Pima Basket with Pedestal Base
Shallow Basketry Bowl; Papago
Unusual Vase Form Pima Basket, circa 1910