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01 - Navajo Textiles 01H - 3x5 To 5x7 c1940-Today Works

LARGE 60"x81" MINT conditon Navajo Germantown Revival Rug-Fine & Tight
Hubbell Moki Revival: Modern Indigo and possibly Cochineal? MINT Conditon
Navajo Rug, Rare "Blue Canyon" (Also knowns as New Lands" Raised Outline, Mint conditon
Navajo Rug, Raised Outline by Marie Nez
Navajo Teec Nos Pos Rug by Betty B. Kaye 72" x 48" c. 1990 with original tag, Mint condition
Navajo Rug, Crystal style
Navajo Rug, Storm Pattern
Navajo rug; Ganado by weaver Sally Shortman of Cow Springs
Stunning Crystal Star motifs. Very pleasing example. Just 2" short of being a 3'x5'. Navajo Rug, with three eight-pointed red stars in center, on gray background, red border
Intricate Motif Navajo Ganado Rug: by Elouise Begay with original trading post tag, fine weave, mint condition
Navajo rug: Red Mesa/Teec Nos Pos (tight weave, excellent condition)
Mid-20th c 4'x5' (48"x61") Navajo Klagatoh rug, black ,white ,grey,red, excellent condition, hard tight weave
Mid-20th c Navajo Rug 43"x73" in Natural wool colors and Vegetal browns in Serrated Diamond motifs
Navajo Rug; Chinlee Classic Revival, "Made in the Sweet Water Area, John Dan's Wife"
LARGE 4'x7' Navajo rug: Chinle Classic revival with soft vegetal dyes
Navajo Rug
Navajo rug; Chinlee Classic Revival
Western Reservation Navajo rug with serrated X motif
Navajo Banded Chinlee; red banded
Classic Navajo Chinle Revival
Navajo Rug, Chinlee, brown background
Antique c1920 Navajo Klagatoh rug with Teec NosPos inspired corner elements, 50"x77" c1920
Antique Navajo Four Corn Yeis Motif Wall hanging Rug with Rainbow Yei, early to mid 20th c
c. 1930s Navajo Serrated Rug with Yellow Diamond (67 1/2" x 34 1/2")
Large 6'+x4' Navajo Very Fine Tight Weave Eyedazzler Rug; circa 1970
Navajo Two Grey Hills Rug, 42"x65", Mid 20th century, all handwspun wool in natural sheep wool colors, a couple small light stains. No holes, no frays, no thin areas.