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01 - Navajo Textiles 01G - Under 3x5 c1940-Today Works

Navajo Rug: Black Teec Nos Pos
RARE Round / Oval Navajo Klagatoh Rug, by Irene Denny 51"x47"
Navajo Rug, Eyedazzler Storm Pattern
Navajo rug, Intricate Multi-color Burnt Water Wall Hanging Rug
Navajo Rug: Newlands Raised Outline with soft pastel tones
Navajo Rug; Newer storm pattern, multi-color.
Navajo Dress Panel Weaving / Rug to be sold with 1244-166 as a pair
Navajo rug, Raised Outline Weave
Navajo Indian Storm Pattern Raised Outline Weaving
Navajo Rug
Navajo Rug
Navajo Rug
Navajo Rug by Ella Begay
Navajo Rug, gray background, black and white borders, red center
Navajo Rug, gray background, black border
Navajo Rug, Storm Pattern on white and gray fields
Navajo Rug, Storm Pattern, on red background
Navajo Rug Klagatoh - Very Fine Weave- Mint condition
Navajo Rug, "X" motif with red, gray, white, black, and black border
Navajo Rug double face
Navajo Rug, Modified Storm Pattern, Natural, by Lucy Nakai, Mint condition
Navajo Rug, Natural, Two large central diamonds, Browns and white
Navajo Rug, Diamond Twill, black and white
Navajo Rug, gray background, red and white motif, with black border.
Navajo Rug, Klagetoh, tight weave
Navajo rug with natural wool tones; cloud motif
Navajo rug, lightning motif
Navajo Rug: Classic Revival Banded; cloud motif
Navajo Rug: Gold tone Crystal, Banded
Navajo rug; banded Chinlee "Classic Revival"
Navajo rug; banded goldtone
Navajo Rug; circa 1980
Navajo Rug, Lightning motifs in white, black and golden tan / brown
Navajo Rug
Navajo Rug
Navajo Rug
Mini Navajo Rug, gray background with red and blue zigzag or lightning motifs, and black band on top and bottom edges.
Chinle Classic Revival by Marlene Dixon of Gallup, NM
Chinle Classic Revival ins soft vegetal dyes
Chinle Classic Revival, soft vegetal dyes, by Alkenebal Birchman of Window Rock, AZ
Fine Burntwater Navajo Rug with hand-dyed vegetal dyed sheep wool yarn by Caroline Largo of Littlewater AZ
Fine Weave Small 35"x20" Two Gray Hills Tapestry - Handspun Wool- Central Diamond Motif, c1970
Navajo 30"x26" Single Saddle Blanket size in Uncommon Raised Outline Style. Mint
Navajo Chinle Classic Revival Banded Rug with Vegetal Dyes 58"x39", c 1960s, Excellent condition
Navajo Chinle Classic Revival Small Rug 23"x 34"
Navajo Indian Rug: Ganado Red
Navajo Klagatoh Rug
Navajo rug, Chinle Classic Revival
Navajo rug, Natural; Two Gray Hills influence
Navajo Rug: Banded Classic Revival 58"x31", c 1960s
Navajo Rug: Klagatoh rug, soft handle, excellent for wall or on furniture 51"x39", c 1960s
Navajo Rug: Two Gray Hills 26" x 15", c 1960s
Navajo Rug; Chinle Classic Revival
Navajo Storm Pattern Rug
Navajo Vegetal Dyed Chinle Classic Revival Rug, c 1960's, 58" x 32"
Serrated Diamonds in vegetal dyes, by Ruth Nelwood of Standing Rock
Small Red, White, Grey Rug Irene Juan of Heart Butte
Storm Pattern Rug by Nancy Etsitty
Vegetal Wide Ruins/Chinle Classic Revival by Bah Y. Ashly, 36"x45", c1970