01 - Navajo Textiles 01E - 3x5 To 5x7 c1900-1940 Works

Antique Navajo Rug: c. 1920 Rust (orange overdye of handcarded grey) Outlined in Red against a Grey Field (45 x 71")
Antique c. 1920s-40s Navajo Red Mesa Eyedazzler Rug, slight and even fade on one side (41" x 71")
Navajo Rug: Crystal
Navajo Rug: Large Ganado with X Motif
Navajo Rug: Ganado
Navajo Rug: Klagetoh
Navajo Rug: "LYON"
Antique Navajo Rug: Red Ganado in Near Mint Condition (44" x 64")
Navajo Rug: Klagetoh (46"x75")
Rare *Bordered* Navajo Chinle: Border Motifs (39" x 59")
Antique Navajo Rug : Three columns of diamonds (39" x 63")
Antique c. 1920 Navajo Storm Pattern Rug: (36" x 63"x36")
Antique c. 1900 Navajo Crystal Regional Rug: Stars Motif, Hand-Carded Grey, Natural Brown + Cream White
Antique c. 1920 Navajo Rug: Klagetoh (42" x 68")
Antique Navajo Banded Chevron Motif Rug/Classic Revival 66 1/2" x 46", Near Mint condition, Rare Colors, Great Wool c.1940s
Antique Navajo Burgundy Rug 68" x 44" c.1920s
Antique Navajo Klagetoh Rug: c. 1920 with Teec Nos Pos-Inspired Corner Elements (50" x 77")
Antique Navajo Rug: c. 1920 Serrated Diamonds, Eyedazzler (40" x 70")
Antique Navajo Rug: c. 1920s Eyedazzler, Banded Ends, Serrated Diamond Motif, Grey Field (43" x 74") Excellent condition
Early Navajo Crystal Trading Post Regional Style Rug 82" x 44" c.1910
Large 5x7 Navajo Rug: Gray Field, Diamond Motif, Excellent condition
Navajo Burntwater Three Turkey Ruins Rug 68" x 47" c.1980 Vegetal Dyed Wool Ray Manley Collection by Alice Begay
Navajo Natural Runner Rug 56" x 25 1/2" c.1920s
Navajo Serrated Diamond & Cross Motif Rug 82" x 62" c.1920s
Navajo Serrated Diamonds & Crosses Motif Rug 82" x 62" c.1920s
Orange Diamond Motif Natural Rug 66" x 35 1/2" c.1920s