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01 - Navajo Textiles 01E - 3x5 To 5x7 c1900-1940 Works

Navajo Rug: Teec Nos Pos
Antique Navajo rug circa 1920 in colors of rust (orange overdye of handcarded grey)outlined in red against a grey field, 45x71"
Antique Navajo Zig-zag Motif Blanket in Dark Red, Red-Orange and Hand-carded Greys 53" x 70" c.1920
LARGE 5'x8' (56"x96") Antique Navajo Ganado Rug: Red/White/Black Arrows
Large Antique Ganado Navajo Rug 85" x 57", Serrated Motifs, Excellent conditon
Large Antique Navajo Ganado Rug 72" x 38" , professionally cleaned
Antique Navajo Crystal Rug with Diamonds and Stars Motifs in both red and orange , 43"x61"
Large 71"x41" Antique 1920s-40s Nevajo Red Mesa Eyedazzler Rug, handspun wool, slight and even fade on one side, handspun wool
Navajo Indian Rug: Crystal
Rare Green-field Navajo rug by Bessie Johnson of Blanco Canyon 1967
53"x75" Antique Navajo Rug, c. 1920s-1930s Excellent cond./Professionally Cleaned
Antique Navajo Klagatoh Rug, 38"x73" Handspun Wool, Hand-carded greys
Antique Navajo Teec Nos Pos Rug with Large Maltese Crosses Motif
Navajo Indian Rug: Large Ganado, X Motif
Navajo Transitional Blanket
Navajo Rug, Ganado
Navajo Rug, Klagatoh
Stunning LARGE 1920s Ganado 48" x 76" -Great wool, weave, conditon
Antique Navajo Rug 43"x83": Denim Blue Klagatoh with Feathers Motif and PAle Green over Carded Grey Border
Navajo Rug, Large, Gray Field, Step diamonds
Navajo rug; natural wool tones: "LYON"
Antique Navajo Rug: Ganado Red in Near Mint condition, 64"x44", Professionally handwashed cleaned and ready for wall or floor
Antique Navajo Crystal Rug, circa 1920, professionally hand-washed/ cleaned, 42.5"x63"
Antique Navajo Rug, Ganado Hubbell cross motif 49"x65"
Beautiful Navajo Klagatoh Style Rug 46"x75", handspun wool
c1920 Navajo J B Moore Crystal Regional Rug with 9 crosses motif, Floor weight rug, Near square 69"x77"
Rare bordered Navajo Chinle within complex borders motifs 39" x 59" c.1930s
Antique Navajo Rug with Cross Motif, 46 x 80 inches
Antique Navajo Rug wit three columns of diamonds 63"x39"
Antique Navajo Rug with large diamond motif
Navajo rug - JB Moore Crystal Natural with Superior Quality Churro-Merrino wool, hooks and cross motif c 1910
Antique c 1920 Navajo Storm Pattern Rug 63"x36", handspun wool
68"x42" Antique c1920 Navajo Klagatoh Rug, soft handle, minor wear
Antique c 1900 Navajo Crystal regional rug with stars, hand-carded grey, natural brown and cream white sheep wool yarn
Navajo Crystal Region Banded Classic Revival Rug in Red, White& Blue61"x42"