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03 - Pueblo Pottery

Old Mexican pot
Jemez Pueblo Pottery, by Mary Small
Hopi pottery; Nampeyo Family; Early Fannie or late Annie
Blackware Pottery Jar by Santana and Adam Martinez , daughter in law and son of Maria Martinez
Important Historic Era Hopi Polychrome Pottery, unsigned, consistent with stylized bird painting by Nampeyo of Hano
Santo Domingo Pottery by noted potter Mark Wayne Garcia
Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery, by Linda Askan, Small melon jar
Southern California Pot
Pottery by Ruby Panana, Zia Pueblo
Santa Clara Pottery by Greg Garcia
James G. Nampeyo Hopi Pot
Pottery: Virginia Garcia, Santa Clara and San Juan Pueblo
Acoma pottery jar by Kim Vallo
Fine Miniature Hopi Plate with wire stand
Hopi Pueblo Pottery, Sylvia Naha (1951-1999) - Hopi-Tewa
Santa Clara Pottery by Madeline Naranjo
Santa Clara pottery, Jerry Sisneros
Small Acoma pottery jar by Dora Antonio
Zia polychrome bowl of traditional form
Ada Suina Storyteller with Drum Effigy
Acoma Pottery: Aku, Four Times Aku, C. Maurus Chino, 1987
Small pottery item. Santa Clara Pueblo by Greg Garcia.
Golden Rod Pueblo Pottery Incised, Four Bison
Hopi Pueblo Pottery; Rachael Sahmie
Jemez Pueblo Pottery, Melon Swirl Oval Redware, by Emma Yepa
Alma Concha Loretto 11-Figures Naciemento /Nativity Scene 6 1/2"-7 1/2" ht.
Emma Lewis Acoma Pueblo Jar
Helen Shupla Braided Handle Blackware Pottery Avanyu Water Serpent motif
Ten Mudheads, Tony Dallas, on Rock
Important Helen Shupla Blackware Melon Jar signed and dated 12-7-79
Carved redware by Camillo Sunflower Tafoya
Hope pottery, Garnet Pavatea
Acoma Pueblo Indian Pottery: Salt and Pepper Shakers
San Juan Pueblo Pottery by Myrtle Cata
Acoma Pueblo Indian Pottery, Parrot Wedding Jar with Braided Handle by Eva Histia (signed E.H.)
Acoma Parrot Pot by Lucy Lewis
Acoma Pueblo Pottery by Sarah Garcia
Anasazi reproduction pottery
Fine Etched pottery by noted artist Pablo Mateos of Jalisco, Mexco
Fine Etched pottery by noted artist Pablo Mateos of Jalisco, Mexco
Hopi Pottery Lamp by Frog Woman (Joy Navasi)
Hopi pottery, Elva Nampeyo
Navajo pitched wedding jar
Pueblo Pottery, Florence Naranjo Feather pot with chip (see photos)
Small Zuni fetish bowl, with four fetishes, corn meal
Anasazi pottery; Kayenta
Black on black pottery. Artist unknown.
Hopi Jar
Hopi pottery bwith lizzard artist mark
Hopi Pottery by Caroline Talayumptewa from Polacca
Hopi Pottery by Fannie Nampeyo
Hopi Pueblo Pottery - Set of Three Tiles
Santa Clara carved blackware by "Francis M. Chavarria"
Teresita Naranjo Bowl
Acoma effigy face pitcher with handle, black and brown on white, Signed RM
Acoma polychrome pot; signed "STC"
Acoma pottery canteen
Hopi Pueblo Indian Pottery, Rectangular dish, black on cream slip
Pueblo Pottery: Acoma Polychrome Canteen/ water jar
Red wedding jar, broken and reglued
Santa Clara pottery jar by Legoria; Life Span: (1911 to 1984) Signs : Legoria, Legoria Velarda, Legoria/Pasqual, Juanita K'po
Santa Clara Red carved pottery by Margaret Naranjo
Santo Domingo Pueblo Indian Pottery, Small Bowl, Black and Orange on Cream Slip
San Juan deeply carved redware polychrome; likely made by Tomasita Montoya
Hopi Pot; Tall Cylindrical shape; an uncommonly seen form
San Ildephonso pottery; unsigned
Santa Clara signed "Marie Santa Clara Pueblo"; with hariline cracks
Santa Clara Thick Walled Polychrome Pottery, Agapita Tafoya
Zia pot, with crack and glue on inside
Acoma Pueblo Pottery Jar
Hopi pottery bowl; collected with a very similar bowl which makes a nice set.
Hopi Pottery bowl; Pale Yellow/White Bowl
Maricopa human female effigy pot, circa 1930s
Santo Domingo wedding jar, circa 1930s, heavy wear
Hopi pottery bowl
Maricopa pottery bowl
San Juan Pueblo Wedding Jar Pottery, Red on Buff
Santa Ildephonso pottery bird, blackware by Alfred Aguilar
Small Santa Ana Pueblo pottery cup w/handle
Acoma Polychrome Pictorial Pitcher
Zia Polychrome Pottery
Acoma olla,Fine Black on white, red base
Hopi pottery jar by Fannie Nampeyo
Santo Domingo Olla
Santo Domingo Polychrome Pottery Jar, c. 1920
Zia polychrome olla
Hopi Canteen, Shalako Kachina by Nampeyo
Antique Historic Era Large Zia Pueblo Indian Pottery Jar with Birds and Flowers motif
Navajo Pitched Pot
San Ildefonso Pottery Olla / Jar; Black on Red Attrib. to earliest recognized Southwest Potter Marianita Roybal (1843-~1910)
Early Large 11.5"x10"x8" Santo Domingo pottery, pitcher-like form/watering can form with Long Spout
Old Zuni Cracked jar
Santa Clara Pottery Jar
Large Zuni Olla
Tesuque / Powhoge Lidded Jar
Zia Polychrome Trios Olla
Prehistoric pottery; large Gila polychrome
Large Hohokam / Salado Storage Jar, unbroken
Prehistoric Hopi pot
Prehistoric pottery. Hohokam Pottery Olla
Black and white on red prehistoric pottery bowl
73 Historic Anza Borego pottery jar; pre 1900
Acoma "Chicken Bank" Pottery
Acoma Miniature Owl by Dolores Lewis
Acoma Pottery Olla with Parrot Motifs
Acoma Pottery: Parrot and Rainbow Motifs
Acoma Pueblo Indian Pottery Bowl, Polychrome
Acoma Pueblo Pottery, Miniature Seed Jar Bear Pot with Line Geometrics, Commercial Clay
Acoma Pueblo Pottery, Miniature Seed Jar with Geometrics and Lizards, by J. Lewis
Acoma/Laguna Pueblo Pottery, Polychrome Bowl with Pie Crust Rim
Alvin Yupa, Jemez Red carved Pottery
Antoinette C. Jemez Mudhead Storyteller Ceramic
Black pottery by RFof Zuni and DW of Isleta, with two hair line cracks on top, one on each side of rim
Blue Corn Pottery Plate
Blue Corn San Ildefonso Pueblo Pottery Jar, feather motif, signed
c. 1960 Cochiti figure
Caroline G. Loretto Redware Pottery
Casas Grandes Revival Pottery
Cliff Roller Blackware Incised Pottery Jar
Cochiti Storyteller
Cresencia Santa Clara Pot
D. Aguilar, Santo Domingo Pueblo, Black pottery
Damacia Cordero, Cochiti Story Teller Doll; 1970-1980
Dawn Navasie Hopi Incised Ceramic Pottery
Dorothy Trujillo Storyteller Ceramic
Ellswath Nampeyo Incised Redware Jar with Turquoise Stone
Ellsworth Polacca Nampeyo Small Pottery with Turtle Motif and Turquoise Stone
Fannie Nampeyo Hopi Pottery Bowl
Feather Design High Shoulder Pot by Barbara Gonzales (niece of Maria Martinez)
Flora Navajo Creamer
Gloria Hernandez Large Polychrome Olla, Mata Ortiz, Casas Grandes
Greenware Santa Clara Pueblo Indian Pottery, Melon jar bowl by Ernest Marian
Greg Garcia Shoulder Vase Black Polish, San Juan/ Santa Clara Pot, Third Place Ribbon in SWAIA, Annual Indian Market, Santa Fe 1994
Helen Naha Hopi Featherwoman Ceramic Pot
Henrietta Toya Gachupin Jemez Ceramic Storyteller
Hopi Jar
Hopi Pottery Bowl
Hopi Pottery Jar by Josephine Zeena, Walpi Village (1475-13)
Hopi Pottery: By Colleen Poleahla, Fire/Coyote. Graceful form, smooth finish, beautiful fire cloud coloring and traditional motifs.
Hopi Pueblo Pottery, Brown Seed pot, Deer Dancer kachina by Carla Claw Nampeyo
Hopi Pueblo Pottery, Cylindrical Jar
Hopi Wedding Jar by "A. Tsinnie"
Hopi Wedding Jar Pottery by Emma Naha
Incised Hopi Pottery Jar by Thomas Polacca Nampeyo
it-126 Mississippian style Head Pots
James Nampeyo Hopi Ceramic Pot
Jemez Carved Pot
Jemez Ceramic Storyteller, signed "Juanita"
Jemez Pottery Figure; Bear by Michelle Tenaro
Jemez Pueblo Indian Pottery by G Sandra, Black on red bowl, small rim chip
Jemez Pueblo Indian Pottery by G Sandra, buff on red
Joseph Lonewolf 2"x2" Miniature Red Ware Sgraffito Pottery, c. 1979. REDUCED! Chuckwalla Lizzards motifs
Joy Navasie Hopi Cylindrical Frog Woman Pottery Jar
K. Vigil Redware Pottery with Lizard and Rabbit Motifs
Large Blackware Pottery Jar by Juanita Pena (1900-1987)
Large Hopi jar , unsigned, identified by Jean Sahamie Nampeyo as her work in the 1980s.
Large Hopi Jar by Priscilla Namingha Nampeyo (1924-2008); with a very small base with flaring sides. Well balanced; a master work.
Large Mata Ortiz pottery
Large Pottery jar by Vidal Aguilar of Santo Domingo Pueblo
Lawrence Namoki "Guardians"
Lee Tafoya Tall Blackware Incised Pottery Jar with Avanyu Motif
Madeline Naranjo Wedding Jar with Avanyu Motifs
Marie & Julian Geometric Pattern Pottery Jar
Martha Arquero Cochiti Storyteller Ceramic
Mary Archuletta Tall Redware Incised Pottery Jar with Avanyu Motif
Mary Toya Storyteller Ceramic
Mata Ortiz spider motif signed Cayios Mora
Mini modern "prehistoric pot"
Mini modern "prehistoric pot"
Miniature Hopi bowl with Sunface
Navajo pitched pot
Nellie Bica Zuni Owl, c. 1960
Olla by Robert Aguilar, Santo Domingo Pueblo
Olla by Robert Aguilar, Santo Domingo Pueblo
Olla by Vidal Aguilar, Santo Domingo Pueblo
Pair of Hopi Pots by Gertrude Adams
PAIR OF Incised Seed Jars: Carla Nampeyo/ Reuel Claw, Hopi
Pots SC Poly 1 3/4 x 2 3/4
Pottery by Sofia and Lois (deceased) Medina, Zia Pueblo
Rare SAN FELIPE Storyteller, c. 1960, signed
Rasita DeHerrea pottery jar
Roberta Youvella Silas Hopi-Tewa Ceramic Pot
San Ildefonso Pueblo Pottery by Becky Vigil, signed on base
San Ildefonso Pueblo Pottery by Becky Vigil, signed on base
San Ildefonso Pueblo Pottery, Black on Black Jar, by Elvis "Tsee Pin" Torres
Santa Clara Deer Pictorial Jar by Camillo Sunflower Tafoya
Santa Clara figurine
Santa Clara Large Pottery Jar, with carved Avanyu, by Marlin and Phyllis Hemlock
Santa Clara pottery by Florence Naranjo
Santa Clara pottery by Vickie Martin
Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery, Black on Black Turtle by Paul and Dorothy Gutierrez
Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery, Polychrome Turtle by Stephanie Naranjo, great-niece of Margaret
Santo Domingo Doughbowl
Santo Domingo Olla
Santo Domingo Olla
Santo Domingo Olla
Santo Domingo Pitcher with Bird Motifs
Santo Domingo Pottery Olla Vase with Bird Motifs
Santo Domingo Tallneck Pottery Jar
Sinagua Plainware Pottery
Six-piece SET: Miniature Reproductions of Prehistoric Anasazi Pottery
Small Deer Pictorial by Camillo Sunflower Tafoya
Small etched red pottery by C Nieto of Santa Clara Pueblo, with floral motifs
Small Hopi Pottery bowl, black on orange slip
Small Hopi Pottery bowl, unsigned, red, black on cream-colored fireclouded slip
Small Santa Clara Pottery with etchings by Sandy Naranjo
Southern California Pottery Olla; pre 1900
Stephanie Naranjo Pottery (M&L)
Thin walled pot precolumbian pottery with wear as pictured.
Three legged Mexican Prehistoric Pot; west coast; 300 AD
Two-Tone Juan Tafoya Pottery
W. Gachupin Jemez Storyteller
Wedding Vase with two-color on redware painting
Zia Pueblo Miniature Pot, by Elizabeth Medina
Zuni Olla Deer Jar by Jennie Laate
Zuni Peynetsa Polychrome Open Bowl